“Happy Trans Awareness Week”

Transgender Awareness Week 2021 I use that blog title with sarcasm because when it comes to Transgender Awareness Week there is nothing “happy” about it. I have woken up to private messages from people this week who I personally know who do see themselves as allies, and truly they are allies and I do appreciateContinue reading ““Happy Trans Awareness Week””


TRANS woman and radio personality Michelle Sheppard has stressed the need for people to listen to each other in a speech at the Surf Coast Shire’s IDAHOBIT (the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism and Transphobia) ceremony. Speaking at the council chambers in Torquay on May 17, Ms Sheppard said everyone was so worried aboutContinue reading “MICHELLE SHEPPARD URGES EVERYONE TO SIT DOWN AND LISTEN – Surf Coast Times”

I Thought You Were the Most Beautiful Person in the World.

I thought she was the most beautiful person in the world, an I tell ya what we made two more of the most beautiful people and I couldn’t be prouder of them. Those of us who are single parents seem to cling to one another and listen to each others stories of betrayal and painContinue reading “I Thought You Were the Most Beautiful Person in the World.”

Trans women in AFLW – the misconceptions and a little bit of science

I recently spoke to the Chicks Talking Footy show regarding my previous involvement with the Purple Bombers and co-founding Bulldog Pride. We discussed my long love affair with sports, whether it’s baseball or gridiron from my hometown of St Louis in the USA, and football here in Australia. Michelle Sheppard is an award-nominated radio personality and journalist.Continue reading “Trans women in AFLW – the misconceptions and a little bit of science”

Amazing Gays: Finding Her Anchor

In the second part of our interview Michelle speaks about her journey towards transition and how finding someone that could anchor her became the cornerstone of her journey. She also introduces a new business that cab assist employers to promote a more integrated model of best practice for GLBTIQ employees. Michelle Sheppard: Finding Her AnchorContinue reading “Amazing Gays: Finding Her Anchor”

Amazing Gays: The Early Years – Part 1

“Amazing Gays is proud to introduce our first transgender guest, Michelle Sheppard. Raised in the bible belt of middle America, Michelle’s journey to realise her gender identity was fraught with many challenges. She shares her story of coming to terms with her gender identity, becoming part of the gay community and the journey of transition to livingContinue reading “Amazing Gays: The Early Years – Part 1”

From the Outer

In the early days my journey, after coming out and living full time as Michelle, I happened to make a new close friendship with Jason Tuazon-McCheyne. We briefly bumped into one another at Carnival in 2015 but it wasn’t until we came on ‘In the Spotlight’ at Joy 94.9, one week as a panel of community leaders discussing topicsContinue reading “From the Outer”

“He’s my maker…” said Michelle

With our Michelle home under the weather, Clayton was joined by Dr Vincent Cornelisse of the Prahran Market Clinic and Michelle Sheppard of Transpositions fame. Vincent is Michelle doctor, or maker as she liked to call him. The trio chatted trans health, Michelle experiences, education and the safe schools coalition attacks with a bit of disco defiance. Stand Up Straight