This Is Her Life

Finding the woman within – Michelle Sheppard

In this episode of <<This Is Her Life>>, we hear the raw and real story of Michelle Sheppard. Michelle has traversed the world of transitioning as all trans women do.

Loving parent/ intelligent/ trans/ beautiful/ true to self. Just some of the words I’d use to describe Michelle, but she’s so much more than words and labels. 

We will hear the history she has lived, the way her children worked through “Dad being a girl”, the bias and discrimination, the abuse. The love, the family. The challenges, the nitty-gritty of transitioning.

What we hear though above all is the story of a real person with feelings. A person who faces immense challenges every day but rises above them in a way many of us can’t comprehend. The loss experienced by our trans community is overwhelming. They more than most need our love and support, and after hearing from Michelle, I hope more people will understand this.

I’m so thankful for Michelle’s openness. She opened up about surgery, hormones, orgasm and many other fascinating facets of a trans woman’s world most of us don’t consider. Michelle also refers to “hearts not parts”. Our connection and attachment to people in our world is not always necessarily about their physiology.

Chatting to Michelle is so refreshing! Her capacity to just take on board any question no matter how personal or awkward is fabulous! I encourage non-trans listeners to jump into our chat and discover a new appreciation for Michelle’s journey. For trans listeners, the inspiration Michelle will provide is just immense.

Recently after huge pressure, the Religious Discrimination Bill has been shelved temporarily by the Australian Government. Hopefully, as more of our community hear the stories of our trans women, it will permanently be a thing of the past. One day we will live in a world where our trans children and adults don’t suffer discrimination, where they are treated equally to others, where they are included with other women. Well, we hope.


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