Amazing Gays: Finding Her Anchor

In the second part of our interview Michelle speaks about her journey towards transition and how finding someone that could anchor her became the cornerstone of her journey. She also introduces a new business that cab assist employers to promote a more integrated model of best practice for GLBTIQ employees. Michelle Sheppard: Finding Her Anchor... Continue Reading →

Amazing Gays: The Early Years – Part 1

"Amazing Gays is proud to introduce our first transgender guest, Michelle Sheppard. Raised in the bible belt of middle America, Michelle's journey to realise her gender identity was fraught with many challenges. She shares her story of coming to terms with her gender identity, becoming part of the gay community and the journey of transition to living... Continue Reading →

From the Outer

In the early days my journey, after coming out and living full time as Michelle, I happened to make a new close friendship with Jason Tuazon-McCheyne. We briefly bumped into one another at Carnival in 2015 but it wasn't until we came on 'In the Spotlight' at Joy 94.9, one week as a panel of community leaders discussing topics... Continue Reading →

“He’s my maker…” said Michelle

With our Michelle home under the weather, Clayton was joined by Dr Vincent Cornelisse of the Prahran Market Clinic and Michelle Sheppard of Transpositions fame. Vincent is Michelle doctor, or maker as she liked to call him. The trio chatted trans health, Michelle experiences, education and the safe schools coalition attacks with a bit of disco defiance. Stand Up Straight

it’s Time

I often wondered when the right time would be to start opening up more and sharing more of my transition with the wider community. I mean I already discuss much of my life and events within the wider trans community on my radio show TransPositions and on many interviews but I thought I wanted to share more... Continue Reading →

USA: Being Trans in Small Town America

There is arguably greater visibility now for Trans rights than ever before in our history. But does that make a difference if you are in a small town in mid-western USA? What is it like growing up feeling different in the American heartland where men are supposedly men? How difficult is it to make the... Continue Reading →

Michelle’s 1 Year HRT

It's been one year into Michelle's journey into her Transition and to recap the journey here is a video created by Michelle to mark the occasion.   YouTube  

Michelle’s Transition

Michelle discusses her transition from M-to-F including self discovery, self-questioning, gender and resources. The team also discuss dating experiences being transgender and re-learning the art of dating. After being married for 16 years, Michelle has had to re-discover dating from a different gender perspective. The changes in the dating process since the 90s, and the... Continue Reading →

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