Mish’s Mission – RADIO TODAY

 October 6, 2022 Sarah Patterson Reporter It was almost a decade ago now that Michelle Sheppard was first interviewed on Melbourne community radio station Joy 94.9 FM about her lived experience as a transgender woman. Michelle – aka Mama Mish – tells Radio Today “As soon as I walked out of the room, they were like ‘Can you come back? Can you stay?’” “I ended... Continue Reading →


Michelle Sheppard is the latest member of our community off to the Queer Island. Momma Mish is well know for her work as a trans advocate in Australia for many years, but through 8 songs she took us back and told the story that got her to the place where she is now. Michelle held... Continue Reading →

JOY 94.9 FM Radiothon and IDAHOBIT with Michelle Sheppard on Mad Wednesdays

Radiothon and IDAHOBIT with Michelle Sheppard May 18, 2017 by Dean Since the Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexphobia and Transphobia also happened to fall on MAD Wednesdays Radiothon edition we thought we’d get the lovely Michelle Sheppard to pop on by after speaking at a local event in Melton in the afternoon. JOY 94.9 means so many... Continue Reading →

Family Matters on Joy

Following on from the success from Transpositions I was recently invited to join a new show at Joy to discuss more family issues that affect those of us in the LGBTI+ community. Starting and raising a family can be an exciting and highly emotional time for all involved. For the LGBTQI community, starting and raising... Continue Reading →

From the Outer

In the early days my journey, after coming out and living full time as Michelle, I happened to make a new close friendship with Jason Tuazon-McCheyne. We briefly bumped into one another at Carnival in 2015 but it wasn't until we came on 'In the Spotlight' at Joy 94.9, one week as a panel of community leaders discussing topics... Continue Reading →

“He’s my maker…” said Michelle

With our Michelle home under the weather, Clayton was joined by Dr Vincent Cornelisse of the Prahran Market Clinic and Michelle Sheppard of Transpositions fame. Vincent is Michelle doctor, or maker as she liked to call him. The trio chatted trans health, Michelle experiences, education and the safe schools coalition attacks with a bit of disco defiance. Stand Up Straight


Tonight in The Woods, Big Bear Mark, Work-Experience Cub Robbie and Just James are joined by two very special guests to talk about life trans-acceptance an issues facing trans people today. First up is Nate, a trans man playing for the Melbourne Chargers inclusive rugby team, who shares his insights into trans-acceptance in the world of... Continue Reading →

USA: Being Trans in Small Town America

There is arguably greater visibility now for Trans rights than ever before in our history. But does that make a difference if you are in a small town in mid-western USA? What is it like growing up feeling different in the American heartland where men are supposedly men? How difficult is it to make the... Continue Reading →

Trans Representation in Film

As we acknowledge the theatrical release of Tom Hooper’s The Danish Girl, the team turn their attention to trans representation in film. Based on the groundbreaking novel by David Ebershoff, The Danish Girl chronicles the life of painter and transgender pioneer Lili Elbe as she comes to terms with her gender identity. From the critically... Continue Reading →

Bears vs. Trans

This week, Papa Mark and Curious Dene are joined by Kurt and Michelle from Tran*spositions, to exchange ideas and etymology: Labelling and derogatory terms Michelle’s bear story Kurt’s lesbian story Private space and death threats Joy 94.9

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