Media Work


  • Currently Co-host of JOY 94.9  ‘Family Matters’ radio show
  • Host and Producer of Trans POV Podcast Show
  • Former Co-host and Co-producer of ‘Trans Positions’, which was JOY 94.9’s flagship Trans weekly radio program

Michelle Sheppard is a trans woman born in America but proudly calls Australia home. Michelle was the former host and producer of Transpositions, which was JOY 94.9’s flagship Trans weekly radio program. She was the host for three years before becoming the co-host of JOY’s Family Matters show, which is dedicated to rainbow families. Michelle’s work has focused on raising the profile and dialogue of Transgender, Gender Diverse and Intersex issues in Australia.
Michelle has hosted seminars on LGBTI+ employment and work issues for numerous business throughout Australia. Her work has seen her consult companies and provide guidance in establishing practices that promote diversity and inclusion. Michelle also helped to develop and launch the company LGBTI Jobs, which is Australia leading national job search. Her work connects job seekers with employees who are actively engaged in LGBTI+ inclusion initiatives.

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