Family Matters on Joy

Following on from the success from Transpositions I was recently invited to join a new show at Joy to discuss more family issues that affect those of us in the LGB6dyrq2flTI+ community.

Starting and raising a family can be an exciting and highly emotional time for all involved.

For the LGBTQI community, starting and raising a family has its own unique hurdles from deciding how to start your family, the cost and the law; the birds and the bees talk isn’t so simple for us.  Exploring topics such as finding the right ‘mothers’ groups for dads, transitioning parents, coming out to your kids, the legal and health hurdles of conceiving or even being a donor, and ultimately, creating a safe world for our ‘gay babies’.

Family Matters is here to entertain, inform and celebrate existing, expecting and prospective LGBTQI parents


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