We Want To Be Better… Allies

They're pretty fabulous already, but they could always be better (but really doesn't that go for all of us?) Each week the girls identify something they're not super great at and challenge themselves to be better. So this week, in light of March 31st being Transgender Visibility Day, Annie and Bianka learn about transgender issues... Continue Reading →

Trans Activism, Community Involvement And Safe Spaces, With Michelle Sheppard

This week, Ruby and James chats to one of our favourite people, Michelle Sheppard, a fantastic social justice advocate, fighting for trans rights, recognition and diversity. Michelle has a massive amount of experience with activism and advocacy and is one of the prominent figures for trans activism in Australia. Michelle is also the founder of... Continue Reading →


Michelle Sheppard (LGBTI Jobs) STAFF WRITERS — MAY 5, 2017 Experiencing struggles within employment as a trans woman played a large role in Michelle’s decision to establish LGBTI Jobs. Coming from a 20-year strong corporate background she found that after ‘coming out’ as trans she wasn’t taken as seriously. “People were coming out with rather... Continue Reading →

VAC Hypothetical (Midsumma Festival 2017

VAC Hypothetical Queers and our allies, tackling the big issues - with jokes. It's back! Brought to you by the Victorian AIDS Council, the VAC Hypothetical brings together entertainers and experts to talk about the big issues facing the LGBTI community. From comedians and doctors, politicians and sex workers, activists and authors, this year's panel... Continue Reading →

The Beautiful Women Campaign: BreastScreen Victoria’s Beautiful Women celebrates the diversity of women.

A new campaign featuring images of older lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women will help increase cancer screening rates, BreastScreen Victoria hopes. This is a campaign celebrating the beauty and diversity of LGBTI women in Victoria. These Photos Of Older LGBTI Women Celebrate Breaking Beauty Norms “We’re challenging the notion that beauty is equated with youth.” The... Continue Reading →

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Family Matters By JOY 94.9 Starting and raising a family can be an exciting and highly emotional time for all involved. For the LGBTQI community, starting and raising a family has its own unique hurdles from deciding how to start your family, the cost and the law; the birds and the bees talk isn’t so... Continue Reading →

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