Trans Activism, Community Involvement And Safe Spaces, With Michelle Sheppard

This week, Ruby and James chats to one of our favourite people, Michelle Sheppard, a fantastic social justice advocate, fighting for trans rights, recognition and diversity. Michelle has a massive amount of experience with activism and advocacy and is one of the prominent figures for trans activism in Australia.
Michelle is also the founder of Bulldog Pride, working to make the AFL a more inclusive space for queer supporters. We also have our intern John in the studio to talk to us about some of their experiences and musing on the Latex/rubber scene.
We talk about some of the amazing work being done to centre trans individuals and communities, as well as some of the trans specific issues within society. We also talk about some of the issues regarding masculinity from a trans perspective, the need to have safe spaces for marginalised communities and how queer spaces can become exclusionary.

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