The Adventures of Jim and Larry’s Podcast

15073356_361142970903150_6244657333637635290_nIt is always fun catching up with an old friend after a few years away, but a catch up phone call involving my moving to another country (St. Louis to Melbourne) and changing my gender to the hilarity of the conversation direction. As always “Mama Mish” has no filter as I talk about my life, the changes, and allowing no holds barred questions from Jim & Larry.


Episode 3: Different than ever before- The questions include- Masturbation, Penis Size, Surgery, Mommy or Daddy, Bathroom Laws, Pence, Trump, Obama, Oh My!

Our Interview with Michelle Sheppard. Danny Beaver was a confused young boy who went on to father two children and now lives as Michelle Sheppard. This is the most serious topic we have tackled.

The Adventures of Jim and Larry’s Podcast

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