“For me Beautiful LGBTI women means … ” – Red Fern Lingerie

15577976_1643200875974390_1263920519301211539_oComing up to three years in my “Integration” I have been blessed to have met some of the most inspiring, caring, and beautiful women in my life.

I recently met a woman from Sydney named Tina, who is a Breast Cancer survivor, and designer of beautiful lingerie for Breast Cancer survivors (I am modelling one in the pictures below). We both got to talking and realised there were some similar emotions and battles we face as women (not the same, just similar) and identified there is a lot both groups of women can learn from one another.

This has come at the same time as the photo shoot I did for Breastscreen Victoria called ‘Beautiful Women’ which was about celebrating the beauty of LGBTI women.
(Not the attached photo)

I know my body is far from perfect, I’m overweight and I have massive scars on my abdomen, but I have learned that none of this matters. It is the light we shine in this world and the love we give that makes us most beautiful to others. This is one of my absolute favourite bras by Red Fern Lingerie: Ava Sapphire Blue Mastectomy Bra

So as a big thank you, this is for you Tina Doueihi.

I was asked to complete this sentence:

“For me Beautiful LGBTI women means … ”

… that coming out as our true selves is more about the empowerment of self. Society is resistant to seeing women with a less than ‘perfect’ image. So positive female power is the courage to walk into a room and being unapologetically yourself which cannot be diluted or ignored.

There’s an enormous amount of judgment of ourselves and by others and the more we can strip that away the better. It’s incredibly challenging for young girls these days and we must remind them that “life goes on for a long time and you’ll be many things in that time”.

As a Trans Parent of two young daughters I am against “false beauty standards” and promote “natural beauty and femininity” to make a powerful statement about being a modern woman. The reality is we live, we love, we continue, and we contribute all with truth and that’s the true essence of beauty.


All things Red Fern Lingerie

Red Fern Lingerie are supporters of the breast cancer community. The breast cancer community provided Tina with hope and support and now it is time to give back.

Charities Red Fern Lingerie supports

Remember to check your breasts at the same time each month. You should check two to three days after your period ends. If you no longer have periods, choose a regular day each month for breast examination. See your doctor if you notice any changes in your breasts.

The easiest place to do this?
The shower.

Put your left hand behind your head. With your right hand, use circular movements to examine your left breast for lumps or thickening.
Feel lightly, then press firmly, feeling for anything deeper. Next, examine up to the collarbone and out to the armpit. Then do the other side.

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