"MICHELLE FROM TRANSPOSITIONS   CHATTERBOX PODCAST"Michelle from Transpositions joins the lads for this episode of Chatterbox. Michelle tells her story, from starting in St Louis, growing up in the Midwest of the USA then moving to Australia. She shares a very personal story of her struggle and triumph of becoming a woman. Chatterbox link Michelle from... Continue Reading →

Bent TV: Queer Idea (LGBTIQ Job Support)

In our last conversation about WorkingOUT, the LGBTIQ job assistance program, we hear from Michelle Sheppard who successfully found employment with assistance from the WorkingOUT initiative. Direct Snippet:  YouTube Full Episode:  YouTube If you would like to talk about feelings this program has raised for you, you may wish to contact For more information about... Continue Reading →

A tale of two Michelles

What was to be a ‘no holds barred’ program with Trans*position’s Michelle Sheppard, telling us that was nothing off limits and permission to ask the tough questions about the trans community, changed swiftly as we learnt of the horrid event that Michelle experienced just one hour prior to coming on air. Stand Up Straight was... Continue Reading →

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