A tale of two Michelles

What was to be a ‘no holds barred’ program with Trans*position’s Michelle Sheppard, man-vintage-paparazzi-shooting-photographs-a-man-acting-as-a-paparazzo-a-stereotyped-celebrities-photographer-with-a-vintage-film-camera-taking-many-photographs_vjjl0wnv__S0000.jpgtelling us that was nothing off limits and permission to ask the tough questions about the trans community, changed swiftly as we learnt of the horrid event that Michelle experienced just one hour prior to coming on air. Stand Up Straight was to host a raw conversation on the inappropriate behaviour that this amazing woman experienced. A little shaken; her strength, power and resilience still shone threw.

Sometimes there is no safe place for a trans person, even just having dinner.

JOY 94.9

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