Tonight in The Woods, Big Bear Mark, Work-Experience Cub Robbie and Just James are joined by two very special guests to talk about life trans-acceptance an issues facing trans people today. First up is Nate, a trans man playing for the Melbourne Chargers inclusive rugby team, who shares his insights into trans-acceptance in the world of... Continue Reading →

Love Transformed

Love Transformed - How does it feel when the person you love decides to change gender? Insight looks at the unique and dramatic challenge of changing gender within a relationship. We talk to people about being the partner or child or parent of someone who comes out as trans. How does this revelation transform their... Continue Reading →

Trans community reacts to The Danish Girl

There's been much praise for Eddie Redmayne's performance as trans pioneer Lili Elbe in The Danish Girl - one of the first trans women in history to undergo gender reassignment surgery. It's also landed him yet another 'Best Actor' nomination at the Oscars next month. Michelle was one of three prominent Australian trans women who were... Continue Reading →

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