Trans community reacts to The Danish Girl

There's been much praise for Eddie Redmayne's performance as trans pioneer Lili Elbe in The Danish Girl - one of the first trans women in history to undergo gender reassignment surgery. It's also landed him yet another 'Best Actor' nomination at the Oscars next month. Michelle was one of three prominent Australian trans women who were... Continue Reading →

Equality Party Fundraiser

A sensational end-of-year party at the Coppersmith Hotel in South Melbourne with award-winning Soul, Funk, Pop and R&B singer Yshrael Pascual, who will be performing with his quartet, the Equality Party finished off the year with a fab fundraiser for next year. Photos Photos Photos Photos

Bent TV: Queer Idea (LGBTIQ Job Support)

In our last conversation about WorkingOUT, the LGBTIQ job assistance program, we hear from Michelle Sheppard who successfully found employment with assistance from the WorkingOUT initiative. Direct Snippet:  YouTube Full Episode:  YouTube If you would like to talk about feelings this program has raised for you, you may wish to contact For more information about... Continue Reading →

A tale of two Michelles

What was to be a ‘no holds barred’ program with Trans*position’s Michelle Sheppard, telling us that was nothing off limits and permission to ask the tough questions about the trans community, changed swiftly as we learnt of the horrid event that Michelle experienced just one hour prior to coming on air. Stand Up Straight was... Continue Reading →

Bears vs. Trans

This week, Papa Mark and Curious Dene are joined by Kurt and Michelle from Tran*spositions, to exchange ideas and etymology: Labelling and derogatory terms Michelle’s bear story Kurt’s lesbian story Private space and death threats Joy 94.9

Michelle’s 1 Year HRT

It's been one year into Michelle's journey into her Transition and to recap the journey here is a video created by Michelle to mark the occasion.   YouTube  

Michelle’s Transition

Michelle discusses her transition from M-to-F including self discovery, self-questioning, gender and resources. The team also discuss dating experiences being transgender and re-learning the art of dating. After being married for 16 years, Michelle has had to re-discover dating from a different gender perspective. The changes in the dating process since the 90s, and the... Continue Reading →

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