The AFL’s gender diversity policy remains an apprehensive work in progress

The inclusion of transgender athletes in Australian sports leagues is an issue that sporting bodies are only just coming to terms with. In recent months, the Australian Human Rights Commission, in partnership with Sport Australia, has been working on national gender diversity guidelines, with sporting bodies awaiting their recommendations. However, the Australian Football League (AFL),Continue reading “The AFL’s gender diversity policy remains an apprehensive work in progress”

Trans women in AFLW – the misconceptions and a little bit of science

I recently spoke to the Chicks Talking Footy show regarding my previous involvement with the Purple Bombers and co-founding Bulldog Pride. We discussed my long love affair with sports, whether it’s baseball or gridiron from my hometown of St Louis in the USA, and football here in Australia. Michelle Sheppard is an award-nominated radio personality and journalist.Continue reading “Trans women in AFLW – the misconceptions and a little bit of science”

JOY 94.9 FM Radiothon and IDAHOBIT with Michelle Sheppard on Mad Wednesdays

Radiothon and IDAHOBIT with Michelle Sheppard May 18, 2017 by Dean Since the Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexphobia and Transphobia also happened to fall on MAD Wednesdays Radiothon edition we thought we’d get the lovely Michelle Sheppard to pop on by after speaking at a local event in Melton in the afternoon. JOY 94.9 means so manyContinue reading “JOY 94.9 FM Radiothon and IDAHOBIT with Michelle Sheppard on Mad Wednesdays”


Michelle Sheppard (LGBTI Jobs) STAFF WRITERS — MAY 5, 2017 Experiencing struggles within employment as a trans woman played a large role in Michelle’s decision to establish LGBTI Jobs. Coming from a 20-year strong corporate background she found that after ‘coming out’ as trans she wasn’t taken as seriously. “People were coming out with ratherContinue reading “ENTREPRENEURS TO WATCH IN AUS. LGBTI COMMUNITY”


50 SHADES OF PINK. WOMEN OF BREAST INFLUENCE – MICHELLE SHEPPARD Posted by Tina Doueihi on March 22, 2017   This month I introduce you to Michelle Sheppard, a gorgeous Trans Woman, who I met through social media.  We connected over our love of bras (surprise) and I am happy that I was able to help Michelle.  AlthoughContinue reading “50 SHADES OF PINK. WOMEN OF BREAST INFLUENCE – MICHELLE SHEPPARD”

Amazing Gays: Finding Her Anchor

In the second part of our interview Michelle speaks about her journey towards transition and how finding someone that could anchor her became the cornerstone of her journey. She also introduces a new business that cab assist employers to promote a more integrated model of best practice for GLBTIQ employees. Michelle Sheppard: Finding Her AnchorContinue reading “Amazing Gays: Finding Her Anchor”

Amazing Gays: The Early Years – Part 1

“Amazing Gays is proud to introduce our first transgender guest, Michelle Sheppard. Raised in the bible belt of middle America, Michelle’s journey to realise her gender identity was fraught with many challenges. She shares her story of coming to terms with her gender identity, becoming part of the gay community and the journey of transition to livingContinue reading “Amazing Gays: The Early Years – Part 1”

Trans Representation in Film

As we acknowledge the theatrical release of Tom Hooper’s The Danish Girl, the team turn their attention to trans representation in film. Based on the groundbreaking novel by David Ebershoff, The Danish Girl chronicles the life of painter and transgender pioneer Lili Elbe as she comes to terms with her gender identity. From the criticallyContinue reading “Trans Representation in Film”

Trans community reacts to The Danish Girl

There’s been much praise for Eddie Redmayne’s performance as trans pioneer Lili Elbe in The Danish Girl – one of the first trans women in history to undergo gender reassignment surgery. It’s also landed him yet another ‘Best Actor’ nomination at the Oscars next month. Michelle was one of three prominent Australian trans women who wereContinue reading “Trans community reacts to The Danish Girl”